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Welcome to the adventure and the thrill of having an intimate wedding. The joy where you can have a lax day with those you love- whether its just the two of you or with a few close family and friends its up to you. There isn't any script you HAVE to do. You can do whatever you like and I'll be there for the adventure. 

So you don't want a giant planned wedding


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Where are you going to go? 
Does it need permits? How much are those? 
I always dreamed to do this, how do I do that? 

That's where the planning of an elopement photographer will help you along the way. 

Dream big and enjoy it!


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Ready to book?

Some people have everything planned and just need photos for a few hours, others need to have things planned and directed and that is where the additional time and money are- such as permits and organizing people and the reception and so forth. 

Question 5: So why is there two options for elopement packages

Most Colorado locations are included in the price, overnight locations a small fee will be required so I can pitch a tent.

Question 4: What is your travel fee?

You can do anything you want, go skiing, play chess, make a fire and have smores, go to a bounce house, whatever you would like.

Question 3: What can I do at my wedding

It is your day, when you grab a package I am with you for those hours- doesn't matter the locations in between I am with you.

Question 2: What if I want two, three locations

Elopements are less expensive but the amount of hours and planning will depend on your package. Some truly only need an hour or two and there is hourly rate for that. For others they may want more of guide to help with the planning and those packages have a greater price because of the planning as well as the photography and permits and such. 

Question 1: How much will this be? I am  on a budget