Meet Brownie

by Sarah

September 27, 2012

I stink at keeping this blog up to date but here is my effort to tell you a bit whats been happening in the world of Sarah.


My husband (Erik) and I got another puppy- his name is brownie, he is a sweet puppy who already knows how to sit and shake, we are working on down and for the most part is really getting the potty training at 15 weeks oddly enough. He was a surprise type of buy it happened on one date night and I have to admit that I wanted to give him away because it was wedding season and I had zero time for a puppy but Oreo (orginial dog) started to like him so we decide to keep him. We had a hard time picking a name- kodak, bear, little bear or lb for short, thunder and more but brownie is what stuck. He liked it from the beginning, I think because he just likes to be sweet.


So week 13 here is what he looks like

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