Sweetheart Winery Fall Wedding

by Sarah

January 11, 2019

Emily and Nathan, what a fun match- seriously fun. Their wedding at the Sweetheart Winery was a perfect fall day in late September. The day’s before and after were 30 degrees with rain but their wedding was filled with sun shine and warmth- seriously a perfect day.

Emily and Nathan had their first look at Devils Backbone a hop skip and jump from the venue. With the help of their party bus, shuttling the bridal party from point A to B it when flawless.

Nathan was very excited to see Emily and Emily was filled with emotion that the day she had been dreaming of and planning forever was finally there.

Few photos at Devils Backbone and then on to Sweetheart Winery, down to the river for a few more Bride and groom photos. The caterers were amazing setting up beautiful displays for snacks and for the food- they were amazing. The florist set the reception with blue orchids and made the venue shine.

The wedding was amazing and an onry little flower girl stole some moments by doing what she wanted like sitting on the steps as they were doing their vows and having their first kiss. Kids what can you do.

The rest of the evening was amazing, with a beautiful sunset and awesome speeches by Emilys maid of honor, dad and Nathan’s Brother.

An nothing can be more perfect than a glow stick exit!


Here is how they fell in love in their own words:

How did you meet your spouse?

They worked together at Noodles and Company. Emily came in on a day off on a particularly awful shift for Nate. Nate was out back taking a break and Emily came to see if everything was okay. Emily proceeded to ask Nate if he wanted to get a beer after work, to which Nate responded, “I have beer at home”. After Nate realized how dumb he was for missing out on that opportunity, he invited Emily to a party that was happening at his house in the most awkward way possible. After Emily almost skipped out on the party and went home because she didn’t know where Nate’s house was, they hung out all night and kicked it off. They continued to hang out and the rest is history…

What was it about them that made you attracted to them?

For Nate, besides how cute she is J, it was how much of a caring and giving person Emily is. Emily will often go out of her way to try to help people in any way she can. Her heart is so open that she cares about everyone she meets.

For Emily, it was how kind he is and how he has a calming presence. He always puts others before himself and always cares what others think of him.

What was your first date?

We went on a double date, with Nate’s roommate and then girlfriend to the Denver Botanical Gardens, and enjoyed the beautiful flowers and each other’s company.

How long did it take you ‘til you kissed each other?

It happened the night of the party mentioned above.

Who kissed whom first?

Nate made the first move.

Who said I love you first?

Nate did.

What was it about them that made them the one?

For Nate, in addition to the “What do you love about her” response below, I knew she was the one when even when I didn’t like her, I still loved her. It wasn’t worth being mad or annoyed with her because the joy and excitement I get when we spend quality time together is worth more than the petty reason I was upset with her.

For Emily, we have common interests, including a passion for animals and an adventure for outdoor activities. I also know whenever I do anger him; even though he’s mad at me he still loves me. Most importantly, he’s the ying to my yang; we complement each other very well.

What was the proposal like?

The proposal was a gift from the Easter Bunny. Nate placed a little box in Emily’s Easter basket. She suspected/desired it to be an engagement ring, so Nate had to hide the box when he left the house knowing Emily would try to peek. On Easter Morning, Emily finally got to open the little box, when she opened the box it was just a little red dyed quail egg. Nate told Emily she needed to crack the egg, but Emily didn’t want to because the egg was so cute. Rather than gently cracking the egg, Emily Hulk smashed the egg onto the table.  Once the dust settled, Emily noticed there was a tiny scroll that was inside of the egg (Etsy has the niftiest things). As Emily read the scroll she began to put the message together as “Will you marry me?”. During this time Nate was awkwardly trying to kneel between the couch and coffee table (obviously didn’t think that part through). Of course, Emily said yes. J

What do you love about him?

Nate is kind, compassionate, and faithful. He has a love for all things but most importantly me J. He is very level, even when he’s angry. He is the ying to my yang; we complete each other. More than anything I know he will do anything for me.

What do you love about her?

Emily is the most loving person I’ve ever met. She allows me to be myself and makes me better at the same time. She loves me as me and doesn’t expect me to be anything other than myself, but at the same time has higher expectations for me that I do for myself sometimes. We also complement each other perfectly; the sum of us is better than its individual parts.

What do you like to do for fun together?

We have an array of things we do for fun together. We’re both perfectly okay with staying in together and watching a movie or binge watching a television show. We also get out and have fun in the beauty of Colorado, including camping, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing and fly fishing. We’re open to explore anything that sounds fun.


Who did they use to make this party amazing!

Caterer: Savory Cuisines Catering: Emily Stellick, Emily@Savorycuisines.com www.savorycuisines.com

Tent: Robin Rental www.robineventrental.com

Officiant: Colorado Commitments, Kristen Hepp www.coloradoCommitments.com

Transportation: Norco Party Bus www.nocopartybus.com

Makeup and Hair: Karmyn 309-313-3688

DJ: Suit and Tie DJ: www.suitandtiedjs.com

Tuxes: Men’s Warehouse

Bridemaids Dresses: Amanda’s Bridal

Florist: Petals Colorado www.petalscolorado.com

Wedding Dress: Amanda’s Bridal



Look at those shoes, seriously amazing and best part SPARKLY!

Nathan did an amazing job on the ring!

Absolutely flawless make up!

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