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I love Shaina and Matt to death, I really do. I love people who love musicals. My life would be one if only I could sing half way decent, but sadly I have the heart of Frank Sinatra I have the voice of something less good. Anyways they are awesome, Shaina admitted to me that […]

Engagement Photos

March 1, 2012

Shaina and Matt- Love on Broadway

I am not one to have the most grammitically correct posts, lets face it spell check and friends are how I get through with writing anything professionally for anything. But I wanted to take a moment and talk as plane as I can get to tell a story about how I got into my career. […]

News from Sarah Christine

December 21, 2011

Everyone has a beginning

Part A So I often get asked how should the wedding day go aka (I am a wedding planner) after all these requests I felt I should share my knowledge more wide spread. Start your day off a little earlier than normal, people ALWAYS forget something, misplace something or have to run back home to […]

Wedding Planning

February 11, 2011

Planning your Wedding DAY

Colorado Bride

Amanda and Matt are just a match made in heaven, I was honored to capture these guys just expressing there love. At the Tivoli the sun was just perfect for an outdoor shoot with them

Colorado Winter Wedding

January 18, 2011

Amanda and Matt Lum

Jenna and Kyle were high school sweet hearts, they met at school and just became friends. Kyle shared their first date story with me, they were 15 and both of their parents dropped them off at the movie theaters. Jenna told Kyle that she was a fan of horror movies, they saw, the movie “Saw” […]

Engagement Photos

January 12, 2011

Jenna and Kyle Engagement Preview

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