10 Simple Ways to make your Wedding Amazing

by Sarah

December 6, 2018

10 simple ways to make your wedding amazing. Planning a wedding can be stressful and at the end of the day, you are left with memories and the people who surround you. It doesn’t matter how many people you have or your budget, some of these tips will make for such an easier time.

  1. Plan lots of time to get ready before you are needed, if its just you or a mountain of bridal party/wedding party people with hair an makeup- the last thing you want is to feel rushed. And lets face it- it takes time. However long you think it is add 1-2 hrs as padding, worst case you get done and you eat and go do some amazing pictures somewhere far away because you have time. But after doing weddings for over 10 years- you can never have enough time set aside for getting ready.

2. Eat- snacks and more snacks- think about having snacks throughout the entire day. Seriously! Some of the best parties have chips and salsa or pizza midway through the dancing because you will be hungry for something- even bags of chips are much appreciated. Weird but a fact- EAT


3. Comfy shoes- brings some- Fashion is great but you will average 6-8 hrs on your feet if your not use to heals bring tennis shoes (your feet will thank you)

4. Have a plan for what you will feed your wedding party- they will need something don’t expect them to fend for themselves. Just plan something- they can pay but plan for someone to bring food for them.

5.Have someone set up stuff for you- Wedding planners are pretty amazing, seriously they make it perfect so you can just worry about you and enjoy your day. If you can afford it, DO IT! They can help you plan and get things with in your budget arrange vendors. For example; if pictures starts at noon when should flowers come ? at 11:30 so they have enough time. Things like this matter, and more. So get a planner- save some sanity.

6.Set some time for you and your new spouse where you can take 10 mins to be you. Whether its before, or after the wedding you need time to yourself – your guests can wait.

  1. Going potty for brides can be tricky- face the other way so you straddle the toilet and face the wall. You can then wipe your own butt and save the awkward look with your wedding party that will have to do it, because you can’t reach.
  2. Let your florist have fun with your bouquet seriously- when vendors get to be creative- pinterest things happen

  1. Lights! uplighting a little bit makes a whole lot of a difference. just a little bit of lights go a long way- it doesn’t matter the amount of decor you have with some lights on the walls in certain places its makes things look like a dream

The pinery

  1. Pick 3 things you care about for your wedding and budget for those- can spend a whole lot of money every where but just pick 3 and make that your focus.


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