Cassidy and Colby, Cheyenne WY- The Historic Plains Hotel

by Sarah

October 15, 2018

Colby and cassidy what a beautiful couple, downtown Wyoming at the Historic Plains Hotel and their family church and First United Methodist Church for their Ceremony which was filled with a beautiful old organ and stain glass. – it was a warm windy Cheyenne day. But it was delightful in the shade.


There were street art on all sides of the building in downtown wyoming. One of my favorites was behind the historic Plains Hotel its bright blue backdrop made for eye popping photos.

Colby was anxious to see his beautiful bride, who was giddy to say I do.

Cassidy’s hair and makeup reminded me of tangled or a 40’s beautiful pinup model. I couldn’t believe her stunning ness.

Her beautiful boutiques were made by beloved friend of the family, they turned out amazingly.


Plains hotel in downtown Cheyenne Wyoming was a fantastically perfect for the reception and having it be surrounded in amazing wall art, it made it easy to capture the love between the couple.

Receptions wouldn’t be as great without fantastic DJ who kept the party going and these people knew how to dance even grandpa got out and danced the night away.

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